Uwe Schmitz: SOLID

Topic: Introducing SOLID Object-Oriented Design Principles and Microsoft Unity
SOLID is an acronym for
  • Single Responsibility Principle,
  • Open/Closed Principle,
  • Liskov Substitution Principle,
  • Interface Segregation Principle, and
  • Dependency Inversion Principle.

In this session, we’ll introduce SOLID principles which help developers to
  • simplify the implementation,
  • minimize the impact of change, and
  • facilitate testing

by emphasizing high cohesion and low coupling using techniques centered around abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. In addition, we’ll introduce the Microsoft Unity Application Block, a lightweight, extensible dependency injection container for applying the Dependency Inversion Principle.

Speaker: Uwe Schmitz
Uwe Schmitz is a Technical Architect at Protegra in Winnipeg with experience developing solutions using Microsoft technologies across a number of industries. Uwe is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and former Continuing Education instructor at Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology. Uwe is committed to advancing the state of the art using practices and technology. Protegra helps organizations in a variety of industries around the world identify and solve tough business performance challenges to enable sales, operations and information technology. Protegra is pleased to be ranked number one on the list of the top 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada.

Location: University of Regina
Event: Centre for Kinesiology, room CK 187 (Central campus)
Free Parking: Lot H in ISM-designated parking (South-West end of campus)
Map: http://www.uregina.ca/ancillaries/parking/maps/MAINCAMP%20WEB%20MAP%2029July08.pdf

Date: Tuesday Evening, May 5th, 2009

Cost: Free

5:30 pm: Food and social - please register if you are joining us for dinner
6:00 pm: Welcome and opening announcements
6:15 pm: Introducing SOLID Object-Oriented Design Principles and Microsoft Unity
8:00 pm: Closing

We need to know how much pizza to order :) If you're joining us for dinner, please register through the Regina .NET User Group website.
Registration deadline is Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 12:00 pm.

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