About Us

Our purpose
Our purpose is to build a vibrant, local technology community.

How we do it: For the community, by the community
  • By improving member's lives through the exchange of knowledge
  • By seeking out content to serve community-expressed interest
  • By hosting free events and not-for-profit courses, open to anyone
  • By not operating for any one vendor or technology's commercial interest
  • By having free membership
We recognize that no technology is an island. We work in an ecosystem that requires an understanding of many disciplines. Having one community allows us to deliver a wide spectrum of content to our members. Our interests include programming, server and network administration, database administration, business intelligence, SharePoint, and architecture. Having one community also provides the forum for additional topics such as development methodologies, business analysis, project management and information technology management.

Who are we?
The Regina Technology Community is composed of developers, analysts, testers, architects, administrators (systems, applications, servers, databases), managers, and students, and is facilitated by local volunteers. Many industries and local organizations are represented. We currently have over 400 members.