Commercial Event: Improving Enterprise Search on your Public Facing Website

*Please note this is a vendor event, not an event hosted by the Regina Technology Community.

Topic: Found it! Improving Enterprise Search on your Public Facing Website

How much is poor search costing your business?

Most websites have search engines. Many actually make life harder for visitors. As analyst Gerry McGovern noted recently: "The quality of search on many websites is awful. Most organizations would simply not countenance having their reception area in the mess that their search engine is in. Yet far more people pass through their search engine every day than through their reception."

When presented with a content-rich website, a significant portion of users will immediately turn to the search engine to seek out desired content. If the search-term used is vague or misspelled, users can be presented with disappointing results: a list of irrelevant content or in some cases, no results at all. Website users are a fickle bunch; if their search is unsuccessful, they will abandon the process and the site altogether.

During this executive briefing, Microsoft and non~linear creations will discuss best practices of sites that now meet users' expectations, yield relevant search results and offer visitors a more dynamic interface that keeps them engaged longer and increases revenue potential. We will also focus on user friendly approaches to presenting complex search results from image previews of results, highlighted photo galleries, and integrated video players.

There is limited seating, so register today.

Target Audience: This session is designed for, CEO's, CIO's, Directors, Business Managers and IT Managers.

Date: Wednesday, October 27th, 2010, 8:30 - 11:30 AM

Location: Ramada Hotel & Convention Centre, 1818 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK

Cost: Free, Courtesy of Non Linear Creations and Microsoft