Commercial Event: SecurityCore Fundamentals

*Please note this event is not hosted by the Regina Technology Community.

Topic: SecurityCore Fundamentals

In today's information intensive world keeping your organization's information secure, while meeting ever evolving business needs, is a constant challenge. Understanding the fundamentals – concepts; issues; vulnerabilities, threats & risks; governance; compliance; and, best practices, is the first steps in developing and incorporating good security processes into your daily operation.

Some topics covered:
  • What is Information Security?
  • What are the Risks and Threats to your Information?
  • How can you protect your Information?
  • The practical Information Security practices that you must know.

Check out the Seccuris site for the course brochure.

Date: January 20th-21th, 2011

Location: 2445 Broad St., Regina SK

Cost: $595

Registration: Tracy Harvey-Funk at Seccuris Education: 1 (866) 644-8442 ext 238 or