Amir Barylko on BDD and TDD

Update: Slides and demo code have been posted!

The Regina Technology Community welcomes Amir Barylko!

Topic: Recipe for Success = BDD + TDD + YOU!
Many software projects usually struggle with two things:
  • Delivery with confidence and
  • Keeping talent from leaving the project
What if I told you that I have the perfect combination to fix both of those issues in just one stroke?

Step 1: Behavior Driven Development (BDD) will make sure you have an acceptance criteria and test scenarios in place before you start implementing any features. BDD will ensure the whole team is on the same page and always coding towards generating value. Every feature will be what the stakeholders expect increasing confidence in your team and happiness all around.

Step 2: Test Driven Development (TDD) will make sure that all the code is high quality by driving the design of your implementation towards the results you expect to see. Complexity will be discovered and avoided, design will improve and you will have tests and documentation as byproduct.

Step 3: Deliver on time and on budget, relax, and enjoy the benefits!!!

Join me in a session where we will see a full demo tackling a feature from start to end and illustrating all the benefits of the process.

Speaker: Amir Barylko
Amir Barylko started his career in 1994 working for IBM as a senior developer while he was finishing his Master’s degree in Computer Science. Since then he has worked as team leader and architect for the past 15 years.

Having started with languages like C++ and Java he spent many years coding in C# and training other developers in topics such as domain modeling, abstractions, patterns, automation, dependency injection, testing, etc.

Being an incurable geek, always thirsty for knowledge, his passion for technology moved him towards Ruby on Rails (RoR) a few years ago, becoming an advocate of RoR web development and recently teaching his first RoR course.

Amir is a rare combination of high technical skills, lots of experience in a wide range of platforms, exceptional presentation skills and great sense of humor. His presentations are always rich in content and fun to attend.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
2445 Albert Street, Regina

Date: Tuesday evening, May 22nd, 2012

Cost: Free

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6:00 pm Welcome
6:05 pm Part I
7:05 pm Break
7:15 pm Part II
8:15 pm Closing

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