Chad McCallum on Javascript and Node.js

Update: If you'd like to code along, install Node.js on your laptop before you arrive (we don't have an internet connection at the museum). To install it, download and run the installer from the website.

The Regina Technology Community welcomes Chad McCallum!

JavaScript - The Good Parts
JavaScript has gained popularity in the last few years, starting with the rise of frameworks such as jQuery and more recently with the creation of the server-side environment known as Node.js. As a language, JavaScript definitely has some quirks compared to modern-day languages, and although its original target audience was "non-coders" there are a few things that a developer needs to know before getting too deep. We'll cover all the "gotchas" of JavaScript, as well as highlight some of the key differences between the OOP (Object-oriented programming) we're used to and the "prototype" model that JavaScript offers.

Node.js - "Everything runs in parallel except your code"
With the power of Google's V8 JavaScript Engine, Node.js has got a lot of attention from the web community. But where did it come from? What does it do? And why would you use it over a tried-and-true environment like Apache or IIS? We'll explore all these questions and more, while writing some code to learn exactly where Node.js shines and where it might not be the best option. Then, we'll understand what "everything runs in parallel, except your code" really means!

Bring your laptop if you’d like to code along! Chad will be providing set up instructions before the event.

Speaker: Chad McCallum
With a passion for software development and a stubborn streak the length of Albert St., Chad McCallum is a local Saskatchewan computer geek with over 6 years of .NET experience (and 2 of PHP, but we won't talk about that). After graduating from SIAST Kelsey Campus, he realized he needed a paycheque and picked up freelance PHP contracting until he could pester iQmetrix to give him a job, where he's been for the last 6 years. There was a brief stint in Vancouver, where he worked on the interactive touch-screen display software. Since then he's come back to his roots in Regina where he started HackREGINA, a local hackathon organization aimed at strengthening the developer community while coding and drinking beer. His current focus is mastering the art of the single-page application through JavaScript. Between an obsession with video gaming and random app ideas, he tries to learn a new technology every week - you can see the results at

Twitter: @ChadEmm

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
2445 Albert Street, Regina

Date: Tuesday evening, June 26th, 2012

Cost: Free

5:30 pm Food and social - please register if you are joining us for dinner
6:00 pm Welcome
6:05 pm Javascript
7:05 pm Break
7:15 pm Node.js - Bring your laptop if you’d like to code along
8:15 pm Closing

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