Johannes Lindenbaum on Android Development

The Regina Technology Community welcomes Johannes Lindenbaum!

Topic: Introduction to Android Development
In the first half of the talk we'll step through Android application concepts: activities and their life cycles, views in xml and programmatically, basic networking, and basic background tasks.

In the second half of the talk we'll create a basic application: setup, hooking up a user interface (UI), and executing some basic logic.

To code along:
  1. Download Eclipse form
  2. Download the Android SDK
  3. Install the Android Developer Tools for eclipse
    1. In eclipse go to Help > Install New Software
    2. Hit "Add", paste
    3. Install the Developer Tools
  4. After that's completed go Help > Android ADK Manager - install at least one platform. For simplicity sake go with 4.0.x (4.1 will also work).
As time is limited, if you'd like to code along, please ensure this setup is working before the presentation. We won't be able to troubleshoot your setup during the talk.

Speaker: Johannes Lindenbaum
Originally from Germany, Johannes moved to Saskatoon to study Computer Science. He worked throughout school at zu and on-contract for SaskTel Labs. Recently, he moved to Regina for a position with SaskTel Labs. Johannes was raised on PHP/MySQL and moved to Python/PgSQL. His mobile focus is primarily Android with a pinch of iOS.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
2445 Albert Street, Regina

Date: Wednesday evening, December 5th, 2012

Cost: Free

5:30 pm Food and social - please register if you are joining us for dinner
6:00 pm Welcome
6:05 pm Android application concepts
6:55 pm Break
7:10 pm Application creation demo
8:00 pm Closing

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