Chad McCallum on HTML+Javascript Windows 8 App Development

The Regina Technology Community welcomes Chad McCallum!

Topic: Windows 8 App Development using HTML & Javascript
With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has rethought their development strategy for windows applications going forward. Not only do Windows 8 apps have a very specific design to them, but Microsoft has also taken steps to make app development more accessible for developers, including an HTML & JavaScript approach. We'll walk through how to create a simple Windows 8 app using HTML & JavaScript, as well as review some of the Windows 8 specific features you can use in your application and what you need to do to pass certification and get into the Windows 8 Store.

If you're interested in following along in the tutorial, you will need Windows 8 and Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 installed. You can get both on msdn.

Speaker: Chad McCallum
With a passion for software development and a stubborn streak the length of Albert St., Chad McCallum is a local Saskatchewan computer geek with over 6 years of .NET experience (and 2 of PHP, but we won't talk about that). After graduating from SIAST Kelsey Campus, he realized he needed a paycheque and picked up freelance PHP contracting until he could pester iQmetrix to give him a job, where he's been for the last 6 years. There was a brief stint in Vancouver, where he worked on the interactive touch-screen display software. Since then he's come back to his roots in Regina where he started HackREGINA, a local hackathon organization aimed at strengthening the developer community while coding and drinking beer. His current focus is mastering the art of the single-page application through JavaScript. Between an obsession with video gaming and random app ideas, he tries to learn a new technology every week - you can see the results at

Twitter: @ChadEmm

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