Jordan on Jasmine BDD and Luke on Selenium

Update: Check out the code from tonight's presentation: Jasmine and Automation.

The Regina Technology Community welcomes Jordan Boesch and Luke Burkholder!

Part 1: JavaScript Testing with Jasmine BDD
Jasmine isn't just a cute cartoon princess from Aladdin, Jasmine BDD is one of the most popular JavaScript unit testing frameworks. This talk will include an in-depth look why you would use Jasmine, an overview of the features, syntax and how you can easily set it up in your development environment.

Speaker: Jordan Boesch
Jordan is by far one of the most sought after developers in the Regina Cathedral area. He has worked on a global scale with some of the biggest companies known to man. McDonalds, Nike and Nutella are the names of some large companies (he has not necessarily worked with any of those).

Jordan refers to himself as a web dabbler. He loves to dabble with different tools and technologies that make his wildest coding dreams come true. He focuses primarily in front-end development but is no stranger to other realms. He recently co-founded a company called 7shifts and as the only tech man on the team, his skills are split between design, front-end dev, back-end dev and server guy.

In Jordan's spare time, he maintains several mini open source projects on github and has been a contributor to the jQuery project. He also built and maintains a taxi estimation web app and mobile app called TaxiMe.


Part 2: Automated User-Interface Testing with Selenium
Selenium is a tool to automate browsers - that's it. Selenium scripts can be recorded with a browser add-on (Selenium IDE) or written as code in a wide variety of languages. This talk will focus on Selenium code through C#, and more importantly, what should be automated, when it should be automated, and why it should be automated.

Speaker: Luke Burkholder
Luke is based in Regina currently working for Fujitsu, split between test automation and .NET development. Ever since discovering that the Regina Technology Community events had free food and, more importantly, great audiences, while in university, Luke has been an upstanding member of the tech community in Regina. When not automating the world, supernerd Luke is either running, travelling to new places to run, or dabbling in the movie industry.

Twitter: @riddari

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
2445 Albert Street, Regina

Date: Thursday evening, March 21st, 2013

Cost: Free

5:30 ~ 6:00 - Food and social - please register if you are joining us for dinner
6:00 ~ 6:05 - Welcome
6:05 ~ 7:00 - Part 1
7:00 ~ 7:15 - Break
7:15 ~ 8:10 - Part 2

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