Greg Hutchinson on Graphviz

The Regina Technology Community welcomes Greg Hutchinson!

Topic: Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software
This talk will cover:
  • Introduction of Graphviz: Why would you use graphviz?
  • The dot language: Graphs, Nodes, Edges
  • The different programs that come with Graphviz
  • The Java Bindings with Practical Examples
  • Graphviz in Wikis/Sharepoint (Why?)
  • Actual uses from Farm Credit Canada
Speaker: Greg Hutchinson
Greg Hutchinson is currently the Principal Application Developer at Farm Credit Canada. He has been developing software for over 30 years using technologies ranging from 8085 Assembler and C to Smalltalk, and Java. More recently, his primary focus has been incorporating best practice methodologies to streamline the software development process, increase the productivity of developers, and improve code quality while also making it more stable and robust.

Location: Royal Saskatchewan Museum, 2445 Albert Street - Map

Date: Tuesday evening, February 11th, 2014

Cost: Free

5:30 ~ 6:00 - Food and social - please register if you are joining us for dinner
6:00 ~ 6:05 - Welcome
6:05 ~ 6:50 - Part I
6:50 ~ 7:05 - Break
7:05 ~ 7:50 - Part II

If you’re joining us for dinner, please register!
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