Adam Barrett on Intro to Web Components

Join us on January 20th @ Noon for Adam Barrett on Intro to Web Components!

The way forward is clear. The browsers, the frameworks, the IDEs, they all agree, it’s going to be Web Components FTW, when programming for the web. But what are Web Components? What is the point of them? Learn how to code the new standard of web development, the technologies involved and the problems they solve. Come and find out why Web Components are the future of coding the web.

Speaker: Adam Barrett
An experienced mobile developer with a love for JavaScript and the mobile web, Adam has worked for successful Saskatchewan companies like Itracks, Zu and GB Internet Solutions as a front-end and mobile developer. When he's not discussing prototypal inheritance or which framework is better, Adam is always up for a board game or a talk about movies.

Location: Regina Public Library Theater (map)
Date: Tuesday at noon, January 20th, 2015
Cost: Free

12:00 - Food & social - please register if you’ll be joining us for lunch
12:15 - Welcome
12:20 - Presentation
12:50 - Q & A, wrapup, networking

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