High Traffic Web Apps Without 1000's of Servers with Tim Borgares

Join us on May 26th @ Noon for High Traffic Web Apps Without 1000's of Servers with Tim Borgares!

Whether it’s smart phones, smart watches or smart cars, people using technology more frequently all the time. Designing highly scalable services and applications is more important than ever before. You won't find a definitive StackOverflow answer to tell you how to choose hardware and write code that can handle loads of traffic, but in this session Tim will share some practical insight from helping GasBuddy handle it's exponential growth over the last few years. Tim will highlight how GasBuddy grew in scale and architecture while tackling some of the common misconceptions about what it takes to make high traffic work.

Speaker: Tim Borgares
Tim Borgares is a Lead Developer with GasBuddy (@teamGBIS) responsible for heading up development on a variety of projects in crowd-based and software as a service spaces. A self-proclaimed data enthusiast, Tim loves to bring data and business decisions together through fast-paced software development. Some of his work includes high-performance data cleaning, location data processing, and responsive and predictive gas price analysis systems.

Location: Regina Public Library Theater (map)
Date: Tuesday at noon, May 26th, 2015
Cost: Free

12:00 - Food & social - please register if you’ll be joining us for lunch
12:15 - Welcome
12:20 - Presentation
12:50 - Q & A, wrapup, networking

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