High performance apps using DoneJS with Adam Barrett

Join us on November 26th @ Noon for High performance apps using DoneJS with Adam Barrett!

Learn how to build the fastest single page applications with DoneJS (http://donejs.com). This talk details some most important performance techniques used in single page applications like: server side rendering, progressively loading optimized bundles, and use of content delivery networks. We will discover how DoneJS solves these problems while building a simple real-time chat application. As a bonus, I will show how to build the web application to a mobile and desktop application with DoneJS.

Speaker: Adam Barrett
Adam Barrett (@adamlbarrett) is an experienced mobile developer with a love for JavaScript and the mobile web. Adam has worked for successful Saskatchewan companies like Itracks, Zu and GB Internet Solutions as a front-end and mobile developer, and now works at companies like Apple and Walmart labs as a consultant for JavaScript and front-end development. When he's not discussing prototypal inheritance or which framework is better, Adam is always up for a board game or a talk about movies.

Location: Regina Public Library Theater (map)
Date: Thursday at noon, November 26th, 2015
Cost: Free

12:00 - Food & social - please register if you’ll be joining us for lunch
12:15 - Welcome
12:20 - Presentation
12:50 - Q & A, wrapup, networking

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